/rebecca valley


I am spread 


two waves not 

for me, you’re 

making breakfast

so slowly 

we wanted more but 

someone called

the police

They were worried 

Where have you been 

all these years

my god


The streets are 

no longer empty 

of other people 


It is harder to forget

someone else was once in

your place 

I find it soothing

to press my thumb into

the jaw’s hinge 

loose knob 

tighten my 


I am only 


this body

It doesn’t 


to me 


I wanted 

a pancake

and you are obliging 

to women you hope 

to snare in love

I still don’t know 

what it meant

your hair in my mouth

I think it meant something

my foot 

your hands 

It meant

I was someone

you’d choose 

Rebecca Valley‘s work has been published in Rattle, Black Warrior Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, on Poets.org, and in other journals. Rebecca received an MFA in Creative Writing from UMass Amherst, along with the 2019 Academy of American Poets Award. Rebecca currently lives in Western Massachusetts. You can find more at www.rebeccavalley.com.