Ghost Peach Press Prize in Poetry

The 2023 Ghost Peach Press Prize
in Poetry



The Science of Things We Can Believe, Christen Noel Kauffman



Alive in the Glamour Pit, Ashe Prevett

Beast-Headed, Rivka Clifton

Contemporary Variations of the Flood Myth, Christopher Blackman

Dream in Which I Am Not a Ghost, James Obannon

Drosophilia: A Fairy Tale, Jane Morton

Hymn Gasoline, Philip Schaefer

moonmilk, Mackenzie Kozak

No Picnic, Brooke Harries

the blow and scatter and blow, Jordan Durham



Past winners include: Laura Page, Dove and Coyote (available here), Mirande Bissell, Stalin at the Opera (available here), Gion Davis, Too Much (available here) and Loisa Fenichell, wandering in all directions of this earth (available here).