/audrey gidman

notes on grief (i)

the loons have come / sunrise bloodletting
into the lake / they call to me across / the water
they shriek / perhaps / it comes to them
in the break / of mist / perhaps / this is why
they hold their breath / for so long

notes on grief (iv)

In a dream I am a loon impervious
    to the quick sting of water.  Able
                      to slip    without sound
between worlds
and rise                                    singing.
            Tongue a bow. Bells for teeth.
The evergreens God
                                          saying kneel.

Audrey Gidman is a queer poet living in Maine. Her poems can be found or are forthcoming in Rust + Moth, Wax Nine, SWWIM, The Inflectionist Review, The Shore, Luna Luna, Rogue Agent, The West Review and elsewhere. Her chapbook, body psalms, winner of the Elyse Wolf Prize, is forthcoming from Slate Roof Press. Twitter // @audreygidman.