/alexa theofanidis

On The Resistance I Met Creating You, Here,

even moonlight deals cold strokes of pain

to your temples, so I

lick loose your braids

and tremble as

impaled deer

scamper out from

between follicles, mash blood-fevered

hooves into the sides of your face. And

while I pinch everything clean, let me

ask you this:

How many ways can you hurt

yourself on the sound “alone?”

If I pull

my jaw down
,​ you glare,

shake out

the knives,

then do you get

the picture?

Alexa Theofanidis attends St. John’s School in Houston, Texas, where she is the co-Editor-in-Chief of the literary arts journal Imagination. Her work appears in Rising Phoenix Review, The Loud Journal, The Scribe Review, and elsewhere, in addition to having been recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Currently, Alexa reads poetry for COUNTERCLOCK Journal.